terça-feira, julho 04, 2006

Suspensão da Federação Grega

A FIFA suspendeu a Federação Grega de todas as competições.
Na deliberação diz-se que se extende a todos os seus membros, jogadores incluídos.
Será que se aplica a jogadores gregos a jogar no estrangeiro? penso que não, mas veremos.
Aqui fica a notícia publicada no site da FIFA:
"The FIFA Emergency Committee, composed of five presidents and one representative of each of the six confederations, today (3 July 2006) decided to suspend the Hellenic Football Federation (HFF), having determined that the situation of the HFF is not in line with the principles of the FIFA Statutes regarding the independence of member associations and the independence of the decision-making process of the football-governing body in each country.
In September 2005, the FIFA Executive Committee gave the HFF a deadline of 15 July 2006 to obtain from the Greek government an amendment to the national law on sports in order to enable the association to be in conformity with the FIFA Statutes and the relevant UEFA regulations.
In spite of repeated warnings from both FIFA and UEFA, the commitment expressed by Greek government representatives to amend the law on sport to irrevocably recognise that football matters can only be decided by the HFF and its subordinated football structures has not been respected. In fact, the recently-presented draft of a new law on professional leagues constitutes another example of interference from the government in football affairs. Therefore, the FIFA Emergency Committee has determined that the deadline would not be met by the HFF and that the suspension of this federation was necessary.
This decision means that the HFF and all of its members (clubs, players, officials) are suspended with immediate effect and until further notice from all international contact, which also includes participation in international competitions at all levels, the organisation of international matches in Greece and the appointment of officials for international duties."

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